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10 Mistakes Made By Solo Female Travelers

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Each and every one will make mistakes in his/her life. That’s normal! It´s actually a very good thing. Everybody has to experience mistakes by him/ herself, so they can learn from it. Every mistake shows us how we can change things to not make the same mistake again. We collected some of the most common mistakes from Women traveling solo.
Check them out and maybe you can skip some of the mistakes!

Nobody knows about your trip

When you are on your solo trip and nobody knows about where you are or what you do, it is really hard to help you in any emergency. It is always good if you are in contact with family or friends and they know where you are.

Party too hard

If you party too hard at home you may know the way home or your friends will bring you home. If you are in a foreign county you are a guest, you´re on your own. If you go out, control your alcohol consumption in favor of your own safety. Another aspect is the image of tourist which you can turn into a better if you are not super drunk.

Oversharing personal details

While traveling you will talk to people and tell them about yourself. Be careful what information you share with them. Sharing personal details (for example about your hostel) with other people can be misused.

Being too polite

As a tourist, you mostly want to be very polite. If people try to convince you about doing something or buying something you don’t want, you should clearly articulate yourself what you want and what you don’t.

Arriving late at night

As a female traveler try to not arrive late night in new places. This is for your own safety.

Bringing expensive items

Bringing expensive items like high prized brand clothes will definitely give you attention. You might become a target for thieves or imposters. Leave those things at home and just take the most needed things with you.

Careless Usage of public Wi-Fi

It is very useful that there is public Wi-Fi everywhere nowadays. The only thing you have to be careful that those Wi-Fi´s are mostly not encrypted properly. So be careful about using sensible personal information (online-banking etc.).

Ignoring local norms

Ignoring local norms is never a good idea. You will definitely attract a lot of attention and locals might get angry at you. Be a responsible tourist and adapt to the culture from the country you are visiting.

No backup finances

Not having any back up finances as a solo female traveler is not good. If you are traveling on your own it does make sense to have some hidden finances which you can use in any case.

Appear unconfident

Appearing unconfident as a female solo traveler can attract people who want to scam you. If you feel confident and sure about yourself everyone will have respect and will not misuse the situation seeing you unsure.

You cannot avoid all mistakes, but reading and knowing more about it, it will help you to be aware about them and maybe skip some of them.
Women in this world: Enjoy your solo trips!