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7 Places To Visit In Albania


The amazing Balkan country Albania which is in the north-west of Greece, is a hidden paradise. Slowly, travelers explore Albania with all its nature, culture and history. Albania has everything a traveler is looking for. There are stunning beaches, lakes, mountains to climb, cities to explore and people to meet who will teach you about humanity.

It is very easy to get around to different places with public transportation and you will always find an accommodation for your needs.
We have seven places for you where you should definitely go on your trip through Albania.


Beginning in the north of Albania you should visit the city Shkodra and its surrounding. Shkodra is a pretty relaxed city with different possibilities to do various activities. With its strategic location Shkodra always had an important role in border-crossing politics and economis. It is a cultural and historical treasure.


Tirana is the Capital of Albania and has various impressive places to explore. There are numerous museums which tells everything about the history. Cafes and Restaurants make Tirana authentic. Like most of the Capitals in Europe, Tirana is also getting more modern but still keeps its very own welcoming charm.


Kruja is located 20 km in the north of Tiranna and is famous for being the first Capital of the Albanian state in the midle ages and later in the Kingdom of Albania. It is on a hill where you have a beautiful view, a castle to visit, a museum to discover and various restaurants and small traditional shops.


Ksamil is in the very south of Albania, located in the south of Sarande. Sarande and Ksamil with its surrounding is one of the more touristic places. There are beautiful beaches along the sea, restaurants and a nightlife which always keeps surprises. Various activities like Jet-Ski and Fun boats or tours on the sea will definitely give you many adventures. If you are looking for more quiet beaches you can find them in some creeks in the south of Ksamil.


Berat is one of the oldest cities in Albania. The UNESCO heritage has been inhabited since at least 6th century BC. It is famous for its unique architecture and long history. The small streets are telling stories from many centuries. It is magical to visit the city which is located next to a river.

Valbona and Theth

In the north of Albania, we can find the majestic mountains which are part of the three peaks of the Balkans. There are various villages, valleys and peaks with numerous trails and hikes. The most famous one is probably the hike between Valbona and Theth. Stunning views and beautiful nature willlead you to the Valley and will impress you with its beauty and traditional villages.

Syri I Kalter

Maybe more known as the blue eye is a small waterfall which has an unbelievable blue color because of its deep fresh water. It is hidden and will take you a hike to get to the small spot. It is definitely worth to visit. The mystery and beauty of the blue eye is impressive. You can enjoy nature, take a refreshing swim or get some good coffee at the small natural terraces above the waterfall.