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7 Signs You´re Addicted To Travel

Travel Addict

Travel-addicts! We can hear this everywhere. Everybody uses the expression of being addicted to traveling. But what does it actually mean? If we like travelling, are we automatically travel addicts? Do we have to travel all the time to call ourselves an addict?
There might be some signs to specify what the expressions could mean.

Always planning a trip

Some people come home from a trip and directly plan a new one. Even while traveling you might be planning and organizing an amazing new trip with travelers you met and who have the same destiny-dreams. So, you directly take the chance to prepare for a new adventure.
If there is no trip ahead of you, you feel empty, without power and feel lost without having a new travel in your mind. It even might put you in a bad mood when there is no adventure planned. If there is a trip to plan you are passionately excited and unstoppable.

You spend all your savings on travel

There are people saving money for buying a new car, for having a house or for getting a new dress, but you are the kind of person who saves all the money for the next trip. You are not really excited about buying new jewelry or clothes. You just can´t wait to take out your savings to spend it on planes, memorable events and food of the countries you visit.

You never really unpacked

You´re always ready for a trip and kind of always have your backpack prepared. You know exactly what you need for your trip and all your things are still there from your last trip and waiting to be back in your luggage.

You can sleep anywhere

Travel addicts don’t have troubles to sleep in a bus or train, at the airport or in big noisy dorms in cheap hostels. For you it easy to sleep outside or to sleep somewhere on the ground. You are just comfortable in every place while traveling and you don’t need a fancy 5* Hotel with a soft mattress and room-service who will sing good night songs for you.
You are adaptable in every situation and it is not bothering you at all.

Your wallet is filled with different currencies

You have a wallet full of memories, you have currencies like Thai baht, Euro, US-Dollar, Rupees and many more. You took them as a souvenir from your travels around the world and rarely remember all the stories behind all these coins.

You have friends all over the world

As a traveler, you make friends all over the globe. You get to know locals and keep being in contact with them. You will visit them again or do other trips together with them. Your network of friends is spread all over the world.

Home is a feeling

Your understanding of home is not related to a special place. It is more related to a feeling. You feel comfortable and home in every place with the right people. It does not have to be your parents’ house. You feel home just being on a mountain or a beach when you are with the right people. It’s the feeling of being safe, happy and comfortable without seeking to be somewhere else.

Being a travel addicted is not a bad or unhealthy thing. As long as you can manage it yourself it is a way of life which gives you a lot of happiness, friends, memories and makes you grow with all your skills and power. Enjoy it!