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7 Things A Culture Sensible Traveler Does

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Travelling became a big thing in the last view years. Nowadays it is easier and cheaper to explore different countries. A lot of young people are traveling around the globe looking for new adventures. While traveling, we are always confronted with other cultures, traditions and habits. Sometimes we don’t know how to react while being in a whole different culture. It is very important to be sensible and alert for all the new things we are facing.

It is also a sign of respect towards the locals. We figured out 7 things you can do to be a culture sensible traveler. Maybe it will help you to get a new perspective of traveling and understanding different cultures.

Learn about the culture of your travel destination

It is always a great idea to read and study about the place you want to visit before you start your trip. There are plenty of books, blogs and videos from nearly every country. Talk to people who traveled the country before or maybe even lived there. Having a basic knowledge about the country will give you a fundament to further explore the country.

Be aware of your own culture and behavior

While doing researches about other cultures you should reflect your own traditions and habits. You connect the similarities and try to understand the differences. You will understand much more about the background of your own cultural heritage and you can understand and furthermore reflect other cultures with more background.

Appreciate differences

We tend to find similarities between different cultures and try to understand it on that base. We should appreciate the differences and accept them the same way we accept similarities. The interesting part of another culture is the distinctness to our own culture.

Dress accordingly to local norms

While traveling another country, make sure you dress accordingly to the local norms. If we try to blend in with our appearance, we automatically show more respect to the locals. Check out how people dress in the specific country and how you can dress accordingly. It does not have to be the same clothes. In some countries for example, it is not common to wear short pants or shirts and showing skin. So, try to wear long clothes so you do not attract all attention and anger. If you blend in, people will give back the respect and trust you are showing them.

Stay attentive

On your trip, you should always stay attentive. You cannot know everything but you can observe and be alert of what is going on. Try to observe and you will be sensible for more details of another culture.

Basic knowledge about the local language

Having basic skills about the local language will make you overcome every barrier. Local people will be very happy seeing your efforts and interest for understanding their culture. A language is always a part of a culture and might be the key for being more sensible and attentive.

Educate yourself on intercultural communication

The skill of intercultural communication will be a very good tool for culture sensible travelers. It helps to prevent misunderstandings and differences which could feel violating for one of the communicators. If you are aware about the communication and miscommunication you will be able to explore a culture with a very sensible and alert view without assaulting somebody