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7 Things To Do In Mexico


Mexico, a country next to the US and Central America at the Gulf of Mexico. A country where you have everything, from jungle, mountains and desert up to stunning beaches. There are modern cities with elegant businesses, amazing nature, ancient temples and historical cities which remember the colonial era from Spain.

Just these view show how many things there are given in Mexico. A fantastic travel destination for every traveler. We figured out some things which will give you a basic idea what you can do. There are way more things to explore about the culture, the life of locals and the history.

Enjoy the Mexican food

Have you ever tried Mexican food? When you are in Mexico don’t miss to enjoy the various authentic Mexican kitchen. Tacos, Burritos are just the beginning of numerous delicious dishes. There are amazing meals with rice, different meat, dips, soups and more which is waiting for you.

Visit a traditional weaving village

A stereotype of Mexico are the woven fabrics with colorful swatches. The traditional thick clothes are handmade and each and every one is unique. There are whole villages who still practice the handcraft. It will give you a basic understanding about the traditional work and culture.

Learn about Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican artist, maybe one of the most important and famous one from the traditional surrealism. In Mexico, you have the chance to learn about her origins, her paintings and the impact she has made in many ranges.

Explore one of the waterfalls

Mexico has a variety of waterfalls. Every type: small, big, tranquil and crowded. You can find them all. Check out AGUA AZUL, BASASEACHI and VILLA LUZ. They are just the top of the iceberg. Many more beautiful waterfalls are hidden in and waiting to be explored.

See a Mariachi Band

To understand the culture a bit better, go and see a mariachi band. Powerful music will take you into another world with rhythm, strong beautiful voices and an energy where you can´t hold back yourself. The music will show you a little part of the spirit and power of the culture.

Visit some of the ancient ruins

It is the same with the ruins and the waterfalls. There are numerous ancient ruins where each and every one tells its own story. There are big impressive architectures and small tiny buildings filled with the history of Mayas. Maybe you want to visit Chichén Itzá, Palenque or Ek Balam. There are many other ancient ruins you can visit as well.

Explore a traditional market

There are various indigenous markets which will take you out of the touristic life, directly in the local daily life. You will dive into an offer which goes from vegetables and fruits to clothes and electronics. Examples of this kind of markets are the Tlacolula, Mercado Benito Juárez, Mercado La Merced and many more.