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7 Things You Must Do In Thailand

Things to do in Thailand

Now we have the time to do researches about different countries and places we want to visit after we successfully fought the corona-virus. We can read blogs and guidebooks, plan and prepare our next travel. We made a list of 7 things we think you must do in Thailand. Let´s see if there are things you like to do as well.

Enjoy the street food

Thailand is the county of street food. There is an unbelievable big range of different fresh made food waiting for you. Don’t be scared. Try the Phat Thai, seafood, different rice- specialties, soups, fruits and various other dishes you can find. Whether you are in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or any other place, you will find the small carts where the Thai people prepare delicious fresh food.

Explore Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a huge City with endless places and corners to discover. Besides the main sights you can just drift around and find new spots. Bangkok has everything from big impressive building, crowded places up to quiet parks, small shops and historical spots. You can go to various neighborhoods where each and every single one is different. There are big markets with everything you need and don’t need, there is a Chinatown which is waiting for you with Chinese dishes and specialties.

Visit Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand with its surrounding, is a lovely city with many different temples which you can visit and just spend time in the peaceful places. There is wonderful nature, mountains, waterfalls and much more to explore in the surrounding of Chiang Mai.

Enjoy the sea

Thailand is famous for its incredibly beautiful islands and beaches which feel like a paradise. Clear blue water, colorful sunsets, many spots to dive near the coral reefs. Endless beaches, adventurous boat trips and much more is waiting for you. If you are a Party-Person you will find memorable beach parties in all the glamorous bars next to the sea.

Learn about the history

The history of Thailand is very interesting and huge. You can learn a lot about the religion and culture. There are traditional performances which shows dances, old sagas and Buddhist believes. Explore the temples, talk to monks about Buddhism and about how important the religion is in the daily life of the locals. Read about the history of the Kings and about Thailand as a Kingdom.

Visit a floating market

A very popular attraction in South East Asia are the floating markets. You can find various floating market in Thailand which you can directly explore being on a boat which shows you around. There are various groceries from fruits, vegetables and different food which is already prepared and waiting for you.

Get to know the locals

One of the most beautiful things to do is definitely to connect with the locals. Thai people are very open and warmhearted, always smiling at you. It is definitely worth it to get to know them. Talk with them about their culture, their believes and daily lives. They will give you all their heart, you will make new friends and will share amazing unforgettable moments with them. They will make your trip memorable.