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9 Hidden Gems In Austria

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Austria is a small hidden paradise in the center of Europe surrounded by eight countries where each has its very own atmosphere. Austria is a great country for tourists and has a strong appealing with its nature, especially the mountains and also the cultural and historical heritage.
There are various adventurous attractions like bungee, Kayaking, ski tours, tracks and much more which brings many tourists to Austria. The tourism is a powerful sector in the economy of Austria.

Does that mean that there are tourists everywhere? No, absolutely not! There are certain famous places and sights where there will be many travelers, but we found some spots where you can´t find many foreigners. These are hidden gems from locals which will show you a very beautiful facet of Austria and will take you away from a hustle and stressful world.
Let´s check it out!


The Achen is a lake located in the mountains in Tyrol which you can reach very easy with the car or bus. There are various hikes and spots which will let you enjoy the nature. You can also take a refreshing swim or get on a stand-up paddle to explore the area and admire the majestic mountains around you.

Obernberger See

The Obernberger See is another lake in the south of Tyrol close to the Italian border. To get there you need a car and then your two legs. When you reach the end of the valley it will take you a small hike with around 20 minutes to reach the lake. The lake looks like a fairytale with its blue clear water and a surrounding of mountains with white snow tops. It shows you the power of what nature is capable of.


Nockspitz is a summit from where you can see all over the Inn-valley in Tyrol. The Nockspitz can be reached with a 2 hours hike. It is an amazing spot to experience the sunrise. Being there is breathtaking and seems like a dream. But, trust me, it is the purity of mother earth.


Wolfgansee is a lake in an area where you can find many lakes which are pretty famous. The Wolfgangsee is a beautiful alternative relaxing spot to visit instead the other busy touristic lakes.


The Ehnbachklamm is a small canyon where only view people go. You can follow the river into the canyon as long as you want, find some climbing spots or just relax a while.


Sillschlucht is a canyon located next to Innsbruck. The river will take you to various beautiful spots where you can put your legs in the fresh clear water, some spots where young people play music next to a BBQ or some quiet places where you can totally calm down.


It´s the world´s largest glacier cave where there are more than 42 km of a total length of tunnels out of ice. It is absolutely impressive to visit this natural architecture.

Tashi Rabten Buddhist Monastery

If you want to take some time off, this might be your place. It is a small monastery on a former farm where you can stay for meditation or praying with the monks who originally came as refugees from Tibet in the 1960´s.

Snorkling the river Traun

In upper Austria, there is the river Traun which is cristal clear. Here you can explore the country below the surface and see the fabulous underwater world of the river with various fishes.