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How to explore Melbourne on a budget

Melbourne is a beautiful city, and it’s on budget. You can explore the city on a budget, without sacrificing quality or service. Here are some tips to get started.

What is the Melbourne Cost of Living.

In Melbourne, the cost of living is expensive. The average monthly rent for a studio apartment in the city is $2,021, and the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,898. In addition, food expenses can easily total up to 30% of a person’s monthly income in Melbourne. For example, if a person spends $100 on food each month and their rent costs $2,021 per month, then their food expenses would amount to $360 per month.

While it may be difficult to find affordable housing in Melbourne on a budget, there are ways to do so. For example, consider looking into properties that offer discounts or free parking as well as places that offer discounts on groceries or other services. Additionally, many city-owned facilities and businesses offer discounts on their services or products. So while finding affordable housing may not be an option for everyone, it can still be done by researching apartments and businesses in Melbourne before departure.

How to Find the Cost of Living in Melbourne

Once you have determined that you will be spending at least some time in Melbourne (at least six months), it is important to complete an online cost of Living Survey tool offered by several agencies including landlord websites like RentCafé and Propertyfinders Victoria . This survey allows you to explore different aspects of costs such as rents (rental prices including applicable fees), living expenses (such as groceries and transportation), entertainment costs (e.g., movie tickets or theme park admission), healthcare costs (e.g., hospital bills or doctor’s visits), etc. You will also receive information about how much money you could save on your next trip by following these tips:-

Try not to visit areas where rent prices are high; this can lead to increased expenses over time

– Consider making multiple trips throughout the year so that you can see how much money you save over time

– Use this information when creating your travel budget

How to explore Melbourne on a budget.

To find the time to do an exploration tour of Melbourne, start by setting aside a couple of hours in your schedule. Determine what type of tour you’d like to take and how many people you want to accompany you. Then use the cost of living calculator to figure out how much money you’ll need to spend on each activity.For example, if you’re looking for an experience that will leave you inspired, consider taking a walking tour. To price out a walking tour, use the cost of living calculator and enter in your desired number of hours and days for the trip. By doing this, you can determine how much money you should budget for each aspect of the tour: entrance fee, parking, lunch/snacks, etc.

How to Use The Cost of Living Calculator to Find How Much To Spend In Melbourne

Once you have determined how much money you need to spend on each activity during your exploration tour of Melbourne, it’s time to divide that amount by the number of people in attendance. This will help give you a ballpark estimate for what “costs” per person would be while exploring Melbourne on a budget.For example, if there are five people in attendance when touring Melbourne with an exploration budget of $50 per person, then dividing that amount by 5 will result in a cost per person calculation that is $10 cheaper than if the same group were toured without using the cost of living calculator.

How to Save Money on Melbourne Housing

One way to save money on housing while exploring Melbourne is by choosing places that offer discounts or free access to amenities like breakfast or Wi-Fi. Many city neighborhoods offer such deals which can make finding affordable housing difficult but not impossible! By checking into these deals ahead of time, we can minimize our overall costs when visiting Melbourne and save some cash along the way!

Tips for exploring Melbourne on a budget.

One of the most important ways to save money when exploring Melbourne on a budget is by using a budget calculator. This can help you find an affordable housing option near you, as well as find cheaper flights and food prices.

Find Cheap Housing

When looking for cheap housing, look for places that are close to city centre or other popular tourist attractions. You can also use online search engines to find listings for cheaper apartments and houses in Melbourne.

Find Cheap Flight Tickets to Melbourne

When booking your flight to Melbourne, be sure to save money by booking flights through a discount airline like Ryanair or JetBlue. By flying with these airlines, you’ll be able to save up to 30% on airfare! Additionally, many airports in Melbourne offer free parking and free transit all day long, so it’s easy to explore the city on a budget!

Save on Food in Melbourne

Similar advice goes for eating out: consider eating at restaurants where you can save money by ordering large quantities of food or eating out less often. Eat healthy foods too, because spending extra on unhealthy foods will only add up over time! By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip without breaking the bank.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to explore Melbourne, there are many helpful ways to do so. By using a budget calculator and exploring on your own, you can save money on housing, food, and more. With all of these tips in hand, you should be able to have a great time exploring Melbourne on a budget!

3 Mistakes To Avoid While Visiting Bangkok

Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand is a metropole for many travelers. Bangkok with more than 8 million people living there has various opportunities. Travelers all over the world come to Bangkok to explore the sights, the culture, parties and the street food. In Bangkok, there is a spot for everybody. On one side, you can see old buildings with an interesting history and on the other side there are modern impressive architecture where the business goes on.

While visiting this multicultural city you also have to be careful. Every city has its blind spots. There are mistakes you can avoid if you know about it before. We have three things you can avoid while being in Bangkok.
Check it out!


A way to get around in Bangkok are the Taxi´s. They are pretty cheap and you can find them everywhere. The safest taxis are the meter Taxi´s. You get in, they put on the meter and in the end, you pay the price which is on the meter. The drivers are licensed and registered.
Sometimes there are private people with their car and fake-ID´s offering you a “super-cheap” fixed price. First it seems to be a good ride, but after a while they try to get more money, they stop after some minutes and tell you that they will just continue the ride if you pay more.
If you want to avoid these scams, always try to get the meter Taxi´s and insist on putting on the meter.

Don´t believe everything people tell you

If you are on your way to a sight, visiting the Grand Palace for example, there will be people in the street, telling you that the Grand Palace is closed, which is not true. They mostly offer you an alternative tour or trip where they want to show you other places and you will have to pay them.
Sometimes it happens that, if you are asking for the direction, people will tell you any direction. They might not know the way either and just answer with any direction to not lose their face.
It can happen that people try to bargain with you and they say “ok, ok” and later they change the prices again.
Sometimes it helps to ask twice and make clear what you want and inform yourself about facts (opening hours) before you go to the places.

Don’t rush through the city

Bangkok is a huge city with many famous sights. It will take you time to see all those things. It will take you even more time to actually really explore the Capital with all the hidden spots. Don’t make the mistake to just plan a view days for Bangkok. Bangkok is definitely a city where you can spend a lot of time and you can get completely lost. At first, the city seems very busy and you feel like leaving soon. But Bangkok has a lot more to see then the main sights. It’s a city full of small spots which each and every one has its very own character. There are temples, parks, small shops and restaurants in different neighborhoods, which are waiting for you. So, take the time to follow the flow, feel all the different moods of Bangkok and enjoy it the most.

3 Must Know Tips For 1st Time Solo Travel

It´s your first time going on a solo trip? You´re ready? You excited for your very own adventure?

Sometimes, when we prepare for a very new thing, we are always worried we might forget something. We wonder if we miss a very important info which then will give us trouble. Maybe we don’t know the most important fact about solo traveling… Don’t worry! There is not a rule or something which have to be fulfilled when you are on a trip by yourself.

We found some tips which will definitely help you on your 1st time solo travel. It is not mandatory to follow those tips but maybe they will make your first solo trip easier and amazingly great.

Be confident and safe

Basically, prepare your mindset to be confident about traveling on your own. Be confident about yourself, your strengths and your weakness. Try to compensate them. While you travel, you will get to know yourself more and more. Always be ready to grow on new challenges. When you are clear about your own character and how you react to different situations, it will be easier for you to travel on your own. It basically means that you will not be surprised by your own reaction (maybe overreaction) if you know who you are and if you are confident about that.

Another thing which is connected to confidence is being safe. How to be safe? We can’t see the danger walking towards us. The only thing we can learn is to trust our instinct. If you have a feeling in your gut that the situation is not safe, trust it. Sometimes we are too scared about situations. So, don’t stress out directly, but if there is actually a feeling inside you which warns you, listen carefully and trust it.

Another step to stay safe is that you always let somebody know, where you go or what you do. Keep somebody from home updated on your travel eternity. Some people as well leave a small message in the hostel with the note where they go and when they expect to come back. So that there is always the possibility to know where they are. This depends on how safe you feel and how much you feel like having a backup.

Travel alone but not lonely (Open up)

Something which you have to think about is, how you deal with being on your own. Being alone does not automatically mean being lonely. If you know that you can spend time on your own and enjoying reading a book or just relaxing at the beach you have a good fundament to go on a solo trip.
Traveling alone does not mean that you are alone all the time. It basically means that you have your own way, where you want to go and what you want to see. On your trip, you will meet many people and make new travelling and local friends. Many solo travelers say that they make friend on their trips easier than while traveling with others. As a solo traveler, it´s more likely to connect with others. There will always be people around you who will make your trip a great memory.

Be open to what comes your way

We cannot be prepared for everything which comes our way. Even when you cannot follow your plan, enjoy the new way which just showed up. When you are traveling, always keep your mind open for the things which are unexpected. If you realize that your plan changed, don’t try to hold on this idea. If there is a new opportunity don’t be scared to follow the new path. Don’t be worried about losing any experience. Let things go and see what new adventure is awaiting you.

3 Things No One Tells You About Solo Travel

Many people are checking articles about solo traveling. They read about tips, tricks and things to know about solo trips and preparing those. There are tons of information and experiences for people who want to go for a solo trip. Travelers share their own experience and help newbies to learn some helpful things. People tell about how amazing it is to travel solo, what to learn from it and how to get to know yourself while being on your own.
But are there things no one tells you about solo traveling? Anything which just gets lost in the mass of information?
We selected three aspects no one tells you about solo travel. Check it out!

It´s your responsibility

When you are traveling solo, everything is your own responsibility. There is no one else who is responsible for your trip. It is your responsibility to plan your trip properly and prepare all the things. You are the one who should know what you actually need and it is your responsibility if you forget something or take any risk. It is your very own decision if you plan your trip fully or if you just follow the flow and see spontaneously what will happen on your trip.

You have to believe your own instinct in every situation and you cannot ask your travel buddy to decide instead of you. You have the power to decide by yourself. But it is also your responsibility to do so, if you want to take this way or take another path with other people.

You are the one who is responsible to wake up on time and get to the airport on time and bring all necessary things with you. Basically, it is yourself who has to put the alarm before you go sleep and nobody else.

It´s your turn to reach out

Traveling alone does not mean that you are lonely or on your own all the time. Actually, it means that you have your own ideas when and where you want to go. But everywhere there will be other people whether travelers or locals. If you isolate yourself and don’t talk to anybody you will be on your own. If you don’t want to be, it is your turn to reach out to other people. It is you who starts to talk to people from the country. You can ask them about their culture, about how they life. It is a gift of information they will give you.

You can easily get it touch with other travelers. You might get friends for life and a treasure of travel stories from others. Those people will make your travel memories unforgettable.
Always keep an open mind for other people. They will enrich your solo trip.

It´s your turn to make things happen

This aspect is related to the previous ones. It is your responsibility and your turn to make things happen. If you are planning and reading about solo traveling it is not enough. You need to make it happen. Sometimes it is a big step to make the decision to go on your own. It is easier to plan a trip with friends and family because it is a shared responsibility. But going on a solo trip is your very own responsibility.

If you did the step on going for it, you will have to keep making things happen. Every day you will have to do decide where and what you do and make the adventure happen every single moment.
Go for it!

The Three Most Important Things About Solo-Traveling

We can find thousands of articles and specific tips about how to prepare a solo-trip, about what to think of and what to know for a trip on your own. But does this work for everybody? – Definitely No! Every traveler is different and likes to travel his*her own way. So, is there a universal validity? We can only find significance by going to the very fundamental and adjustable tips. Let´s check out the three basics so you can build up your personal solo-traveler soul.

Be confident

Your attitude will shape your way of traveling. If you want to travel alone, make yourself confident about being on your own. You will rely on your own decisions, your own behavior and you will finally be responsible for yourself.
Your mindset will help you planning and making your trip in a positive and optimistic way. Being scared will just take a lot of energy and will finally show you, that there is no reason to fear.
While meeting other travelers it will be a good thing to feel confident about yourself and face them with a self-assured attitude. People can get to know you with your full and real personality.
So, keep your head up, straighten your back and be who you are, love yourself and go out with a big smile. With your confidence and happiness, you will get in contact with people with the same vibes, you will have unforgettable moments with locals and you will feel yourself while traveling.
By being confident you will learn about yourself, you will understand yourself and you will definitely find your traveler-soul.

Solo Travel female

Trust your instinct

If your gut is telling you that the place or the people aren’t right listen to your instinct. Follow your feeling. If you feel like going to another place, to meet other people or explore a new place, go for it. If you feel unsafe, trust yourself.
The only thing you have to be careful is to not freak out about your own fear. Don´t be scared about people or situations because most of the time they just want to help you. If you are scared a lot, you will lose many opportunities and experiences because you are always trying to find the failure, even there is no problem. In this kind of situations, you will forget to enjoy the moment and in your memories, it will always stay connected with fear and stress.
Train your instinct and listen in which situation you should be careful and in which moments you can just trust in the good.


Traveling solo should not be a pressured event which you have to tick off your to do list. Traveling solo is an adventure which you can plan or which you can just do spontaneously. This depends on your personal type of traveling. There are people who want to prepare everything in advance and then there are people who want to travel under the impulse of the moment. It is your very own decision what kind of traveler you are. A fact which is important for all travelers is to basically enjoy the trip as much as possible no matter what kind of trip you do. The moments you enjoy and the pure version of happiness which appears will be the memories you will keep for the rest of your life and which will make you rich by heart.

The three aspects are a basic understanding of an attitude which will definitely help you on your solo trip. It is very important that this post is not specifying tips which has to be followed or has to be valid for everybody, because in fact everybody has his/her own personality which should not be covered by tips somebody else declares as right. Here we want to give a fundamental which every solo-traveler can adapt to his/her own personality and which can be extended with an individual design in all directions.

3 Signs You’re Addicted To Travel

We are a traveling generation. If we are free from work we go to explore a new country and try to see as much as possible from our world.
Are there people who travel to much or too less? No! Everybody is different. But there are people who are really passionate about traveling and our society started to call them “travel addicts”. Let´s see how we can describe a travel addict with the three most common signs.

Your head is full of travel

Your head is full of traveling means that you already have a lot of travel memories. You can passionately talk about travel experiences whole nights without getting bored. You have thousands of stories to tell which are related to your travels in different countries.
You have an endless list of places in your head which you want to explore before you die. And every day you add new destinations.
Most of the thoughts you have, are about imagine new trips and remember previous travels. You are always planning and organizing your next adventure. You are thinking of how to make money to safe it for traveling a new country or to buy equipment like a new backpack or boots for your next trip. You are always thinking of checking the flight tickets and their prices.
When you are at work, you get distracted about travel content easily.
When you are home, you feel nervous and impatient to leave for the next trip. It makes you sick, staying at home with the same working routine every day.
You can spend hours reading travel blogs or guidebooks and things about different countries.
To sum it up, traveling is your priority and your head is full of those thoughts and ideas!

Traveling is your routine

You are very comfortable with traveling. You know how you have to plan and prepare your trip with the things you really need. Some people plan every detail of their tour and some people basically just pack their things and go on tour. If you are a travel addict either way you prepare your trip in the most effective way. There won’t be many mistakes. Everything is ready.
You know exactly what things you have to pack, if your backpack isn´t already packed from your last trip. You have an optimized packing list and your luggage looks perfect.
When you leave your house for going to the airport you feel confident and it feels like the most normal thing to do for you. You are a professional traveler!
You want to be on tour as much as possible. You feel alright with every new situation. You don’t care to sleep in a budget hostel sharing a dorm with 20 other snoring people. You can sleep everywhere and want to try every adventure no matter what.
If your plans changes, you adapt to the new situation and enjoy it the most.

Home is a feeling

A basic mindset of travel addicts is that home is not a place. Home is a feeling which comes up when you are with the right people in the right situation in the right place. This can happen when you are at the beach with some new travel friends, enjoying the sunset and playing some good music. It can be on the peak of a mountain in the stunning nature. Home is a feeling of being comfortable, safe and happy in once. It is not necessarily based on a location. It is a feeling which is inside you and comes up everywhere in the world.

7 Signs You´re Addicted To Travel

Travel-addicts! We can hear this everywhere. Everybody uses the expression of being addicted to traveling. But what does it actually mean? If we like travelling, are we automatically travel addicts? Do we have to travel all the time to call ourselves an addict?
There might be some signs to specify what the expressions could mean.

Always planning a trip

Some people come home from a trip and directly plan a new one. Even while traveling you might be planning and organizing an amazing new trip with travelers you met and who have the same destiny-dreams. So, you directly take the chance to prepare for a new adventure.
If there is no trip ahead of you, you feel empty, without power and feel lost without having a new travel in your mind. It even might put you in a bad mood when there is no adventure planned. If there is a trip to plan you are passionately excited and unstoppable.

You spend all your savings on travel

There are people saving money for buying a new car, for having a house or for getting a new dress, but you are the kind of person who saves all the money for the next trip. You are not really excited about buying new jewelry or clothes. You just can´t wait to take out your savings to spend it on planes, memorable events and food of the countries you visit.

You never really unpacked

You´re always ready for a trip and kind of always have your backpack prepared. You know exactly what you need for your trip and all your things are still there from your last trip and waiting to be back in your luggage.

You can sleep anywhere

Travel addicts don’t have troubles to sleep in a bus or train, at the airport or in big noisy dorms in cheap hostels. For you it easy to sleep outside or to sleep somewhere on the ground. You are just comfortable in every place while traveling and you don’t need a fancy 5* Hotel with a soft mattress and room-service who will sing good night songs for you.
You are adaptable in every situation and it is not bothering you at all.

Your wallet is filled with different currencies

You have a wallet full of memories, you have currencies like Thai baht, Euro, US-Dollar, Rupees and many more. You took them as a souvenir from your travels around the world and rarely remember all the stories behind all these coins.

You have friends all over the world

As a traveler, you make friends all over the globe. You get to know locals and keep being in contact with them. You will visit them again or do other trips together with them. Your network of friends is spread all over the world.

Home is a feeling

Your understanding of home is not related to a special place. It is more related to a feeling. You feel comfortable and home in every place with the right people. It does not have to be your parents’ house. You feel home just being on a mountain or a beach when you are with the right people. It’s the feeling of being safe, happy and comfortable without seeking to be somewhere else.

Being a travel addicted is not a bad or unhealthy thing. As long as you can manage it yourself it is a way of life which gives you a lot of happiness, friends, memories and makes you grow with all your skills and power. Enjoy it!

5 Things How To Deal With Post-Travel-Blues

What is post-travel-blues? It´s not a song! It basically describes a depression which can occur after you return from a trip abroad. A reason for that can be the reverse cultural shock, which means, especially when you have been abroad for longer, that you feel distanced and skeptical about your own culture and scrutinize every routine. You might feel being in the wrong place and would prefer to travel somewhere. While being home you will face traditions and habits which you might have changed. All those aspects can sum up feeling very depressed about the current situation and not being able to go back to normal life because you are stuck in the blues.
Here are some things you can try to do while being in the post-travel-blues.

Review your trip

Look back on and reappraise your trip. Try to remember all the things of your trip, try to make a list which was special or impressive. Some people try to remember every detail to write it down in a diary to keep the memories. Other people design a photobook with notes and souvenirs. There are different ways you can account for the past trip.

Explore your home as you would explore a foreign country

A basic understanding of how you see your surrounding can help you get motivated again. If you see your own city as a place you want to explore the way you normally explore a foreign country. You will find many beautiful things because the way you look at it completely changes with this idea. You get more excited to get up and explore your own place where you first thought you know everything, but trust me, there are many new things you will find.

Connect with others

Connecting with other people with the same situation can help you a lot. It gives you the feeling of not being alone and you can exchange your feelings and the way you get through this time.
There might be friends you traveled with who share the same experience. You can talk about the travels as well as about the troubles to get back to normal life and how to deal with it. Having people around you who actually understand what it feels like helps you to gain power again and to take the next steps.

Try something new

Coming back from traveling another country and fighting with the old routine of your place, it might help to try something very new which you have never done before. You can try a new kind of sport, do arts or read satiric books. Whatever it is, it will help you, to move on.

Plan another trip

Planning a new trip is obviously the easiest way to distract yourself from your blues. While planning your new adventure you will forget about the current situation and be enthusiastic getting away again. A planned trip will motivate you to continue with your routine until you will start your next trip.

The things we mention here are not a medical advice. If you have serious symptoms of a depression, please contact a professional.
This article only mentions things which might help you to get a positive and optimistic mindset.
Every traveler has his own tricks to deal with post-travel-blues and here we want to give a summary of different aspects which helped others.
Stay positive, remember all your good moments and keep going with a big smile on your face and huge amount of happiness in your heart.

10 Mistakes Made By Solo Female Travelers

Each and every one will make mistakes in his/her life. That’s normal! It´s actually a very good thing. Everybody has to experience mistakes by him/ herself, so they can learn from it. Every mistake shows us how we can change things to not make the same mistake again. We collected some of the most common mistakes from Women traveling solo.
Check them out and maybe you can skip some of the mistakes!

Nobody knows about your trip

When you are on your solo trip and nobody knows about where you are or what you do, it is really hard to help you in any emergency. It is always good if you are in contact with family or friends and they know where you are.

Party too hard

If you party too hard at home you may know the way home or your friends will bring you home. If you are in a foreign county you are a guest, you´re on your own. If you go out, control your alcohol consumption in favor of your own safety. Another aspect is the image of tourist which you can turn into a better if you are not super drunk.

Oversharing personal details

While traveling you will talk to people and tell them about yourself. Be careful what information you share with them. Sharing personal details (for example about your hostel) with other people can be misused.

Being too polite

As a tourist, you mostly want to be very polite. If people try to convince you about doing something or buying something you don’t want, you should clearly articulate yourself what you want and what you don’t.

Arriving late at night

As a female traveler try to not arrive late night in new places. This is for your own safety.

Bringing expensive items

Bringing expensive items like high prized brand clothes will definitely give you attention. You might become a target for thieves or imposters. Leave those things at home and just take the most needed things with you.

Careless Usage of public Wi-Fi

It is very useful that there is public Wi-Fi everywhere nowadays. The only thing you have to be careful that those Wi-Fi´s are mostly not encrypted properly. So be careful about using sensible personal information (online-banking etc.).

Ignoring local norms

Ignoring local norms is never a good idea. You will definitely attract a lot of attention and locals might get angry at you. Be a responsible tourist and adapt to the culture from the country you are visiting.

No backup finances

Not having any back up finances as a solo female traveler is not good. If you are traveling on your own it does make sense to have some hidden finances which you can use in any case.

Appear unconfident

Appearing unconfident as a female solo traveler can attract people who want to scam you. If you feel confident and sure about yourself everyone will have respect and will not misuse the situation seeing you unsure.

You cannot avoid all mistakes, but reading and knowing more about it, it will help you to be aware about them and maybe skip some of them.
Women in this world: Enjoy your solo trips!

The Best Solo Female Travel Destinations

What countries are good to travel solo as a woman? Many women share their experiences of different countries on blogs and suggest which countries are easy and safe to travel as a solo female. Everybody has different favorites. So, we asked one of our experienced solo traveler Luisa to tell us which country she would suggest to travel solo as a woman.
Let´s check out what Luisa will tell us:


In South East Asia, I would totally recommend Thailand as a super easy country to travel on your own. You can get everywhere very easy, locals will help you and you will get to know many other travelers.


Nepal is a country full of culture, tradition and amazing nature. Here you definitely have a great time as a solo traveler. If you want to go for trekking, you can find female guides easily. This country will absolutely charm you with amazing friendly people who will welcome you with all their hospitality.


Italy with his massive roman history will blow you away. There are impressive ancient buildings and the happy warmhearted people will make your time amazing.


Spain will fascinate you with the rhythm of the music, amazing landscape, beaches and passionate people who will show you their culture and life. With good wine and great food, you can enjoy your trip the fullest.


Albania is a hidden treasure. It is a paradise which just starts to get touristic. Albania is a very safe country to travel. You can find amazing mountains, beautiful cities, beaches and lakes in one country. As a solo woman people will help you in every situation and will make your adventure unforgettable.


Austria seems quite unnoticed. But it is a country with amazing mountains. You can do numerous hikes and treks as well as skiing and snowboarding with a huge offer of slopes. Even in summer the little Austria is remarkable with its beautiful cities and the friendly people with lots of humor.


Switzerland is of course famous for its impressive mountains with shillings full of cows having bells around their neck. Switzerland has way more than that. There is a very interesting culture and tradition in all the cities and villages. And of course, we should not forget the locals who are very friendly helpful and always ready to make your trip amazing.


Belgium with its capital Brussels is an amazing country. The international city (French, German and Dutch) with many young people from all over the planet will take you in a whole different world and will lead you from pubs to sights and again to a place where you can try one of those hundred different beers, which Belgium is famous for. It is absolutely worth it to follow the flow and get the mood of Belgium.


Cuba is a whole different experience. You feel like being in another century with all the old-timer cars. In the same time, you can see the modern cities with all its buildings and technology. The people will show you how to enjoy life with some good Cuban dance and teach you the rhythm of how to have an amazing trip with some good rum or cigars.

These are only a few countries we listed. The whole world is full of adventures and experiences for female solo travelers and they are just waiting to be explored from all the amazing women of this earth.