Dr. Shelton Zenith Labs on the importance of nutritious food on a daily basis

Do you think you have good health? Do you give a lot of attention to maintaining your health and staying fit? Many people know exactly what they need to be well. They exercise, have a nutritious diet, and stay mentally healthy. On the other hand, some people aren’t sure of how to keep their bodies healthy. Thankfully, coaches around the world help educate individuals on how to keep their bodies strong, fit, and healthy, as well as develop a positive mindset. 

Life is full of stress and pressure which affects people physically and especially mentally. Society continuously must take action to slow down, relax, and recover with various strategies and methods.

For human health, nutritious food plays an important role – arguably the most important role. The body functions are based on being supplied with a variety of vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, water, and much more. If humans have a balanced diet, the body can work at its optimum with a lesser chance of becoming weak or sick.

Often, the common way to treat sickness is to take medicine that reduces physical symptoms like pain or irritations. However, these methods don’t always heal the disease from its origin. As a society that is used to relying on pharmaceutical medicine, we may not be focusing on healing the body wholistically or even at all.

Living healthily can reduce the risk of getting sick and keeps the body strong for any challenge that may come. Part of this is a balanced diet. Dr. Shelton Zenith Labs has many great tips, tricks, and health supplements for maintaining a balanced diet.


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Special considerations about seemingly “nutritious” foods:


People all over the world love various spices in their food, but heavy spices are not for everyone.

On one side, besides the flavor, spices and herbs contain antioxidants, essential minerals, and have anti-infectious effects that help the human body to be strong, healthy and prevent many health issues.

However, on the other side, eating food with a heavy spice mix can cause various troubles for the human body, from simple irritations and stomach pain to other health issues. This is partially due to the fact that we don’t always know what ingredients are included in the mix as well as eating too many of the spices.


When seeing the fresh fruit juices in the supermarket, many people think that it is a mix of antioxidants and vitamin boosters. However, most juices contain a significant amount of sugar and other chemicals that can cause high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, and other health issues. Consuming fresh and nutritious juices is a very good supplement for the human body, but should be treated with caution, especially when they are mixed with added sugar and other ingredients.

Know Your Own Body

It is essential to know the needs of your body and especially how to balance all the ingredients in different meals. Everybody should know what is important for their own body because every person´s body is different. That means that every human requires something different to be “balanced”. 

Through professional support and education from knowledgeable doctors, like that of Dr. Shelton from Zenith Labs, everybody can have a healthy food habit with fresh, nutritious, and balanced meals.

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