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How Mati Marroni & Heidi Grey makes money and you can too

How Mati Marroni & Heidi Grey makes money and you can too

Social media has become a blessing to many of us. There are some times when people get addicted to these websites and play around for hours. But some people use it to connect with friends & family and be close to people they love. Numerous people not only have been able to get an update with their relatives but also make money out of the people following them. There are thousands, now we can say millions of people making money from sites like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, and more. It’s crazy that anyone can make a living from social media, especially from YouTube and Instagram. Numerous Instagrammer like Mati Marroni, Heidi Grey make 6 figures a year.

How Influencers Make money?

You must be following some people on the internet who inspire you daily. Numerous people provide solutions and tips to their audience and help them with their expertise. Some people have fewer followers but their content is shared thousands of times. And some people try to trick the company or brands by buying paid followers where their engagement rate becomes very low.

If you are planning to make money as an influencer, you need to be authentic. You can choose any social media platform that you think is comfortable to work with. The most important part of becoming an influencer is to provide followers free high-quality content. This will help you to gain more shares and ultimately gain additional followers.

The more authentic followers you have the additional will be your impact. When a company finds your content and it lines up to their mission, they will reach out to you with the potential partnership. As a beginner, you might be able to earn $10 to $50 per post but when the engagement rate goes up, you will be automatically offered a higher price. There are thousands of influencers who are charging $5000 to $10,000 per post. The price range heavily depends upon the number of followers. Knowing the importance of followers, buying them through various sites will damage your whole business.  

To become a successful influencer and make a living out of it, you will need to have organic followers. When people see your unique and inspiring content, the audience will follow you. And they will even try to see your previous content. This will connect the audience on a deeper level and they will be willing to share your next post, as soon as you share it with them.

When you put effort into making your social media business at this level, you will not need brand sponsorship. You will be your brand, where you can sell your service/ product directly to the followers. 

Think like a business

If you are thinking of making a living out of social media or blogging, you need to establish yourself as an expert or a business. This is a mindset hack to live the desired life as a social media content creator. Remember as an influencer, you are selling the content. So, you will need to be creative with the content as well as put effort into responding to followers. Often followers text or comment to influencers but ignoring such discussion can create a negative impact on followers. Which latter can decrease the number of people engaging with the content and lower followers. Winning the trust of the followers will be comparatively difficult ones lost. So, run your social media account as a business but engage with the followers as they are your friends. 

Making money to become an influencer takes time. Many people give up within a few months and get back to their daily jobs. But those who focus and work for a couple of years can earn passive income and could retire early.