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How social media can change your life

How social media can change your life

Social media is growing every day. New platforms have become popular and the world is amazed by their power. The most popular social media channels are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. They all have their very own character and different features that make them exceptional. Millions of people have accounts, share and create content for various reasons. Businesses show their presence and use social media to grow their business. We can´t imagine a world without social media. People connect, get entertained, businesses grow, influencers market products and trends go viral. The use and power of social media are huge. Elylabella and Victoria Matosa are completely disrupting social media with their entertaining content.

Let´s check out some benefits for businesses and individuals as well as some negative aspects.

Benefits for businesses

Increasing brand activity

Businesses who are active on social media channels can increase their brand activity because the range of people they reach is huge and the features they can use for advertising the brand are various and creative.

Generating traffic

Generating traffic is a very important aspect for businesses. They can generate traffic for their website or social media account to get more potential customers to make more sales.

Partnerships with influencers

Influencers are a way to market a product or business on social media. Many companies partner with influencers because they can increase their reputation and motivate more people to purchase their products.

A targeted and large audience

Because so many use social media, the audience is huge. With paid advertisement options companies can target a special audience for advertising their business.

Increasing sales

With the previously mentioned tools, companies can increase their sales immensely. With targeted audience advertisement, the help of influencers, and generating traffic more people see and purchase their product.

Direct contact with potential customers

Through social media the contact with potential customers is direct. Companies talk to clients via chats and comments. This has a big impact on the reputation and customer service.

Benefits for individuals

Being up to date

For individuals using social media, the benefit is definitely to be up to date. The trends and information can be shared in seconds. This means that social media for personal use is a way to always be updated on what´s going on in the world. 

Being connected

Being connected is very important. Individuals use social media to be able to talk with old friends who live on the other side of the world. They can contact all their friends and family through chats or video calls, share content with them or tag them in posts. The options for being in contact with people are numerous.


Social media has a huge entertainment factor. Different features like reels, or news feeds can keep people busy for a long time. Watching funny, entertaining, and also informative content is a big benefit of social media.

Negative Aspects for individuals

Addictive power

With many different features and tools, creating, sharing, and watching content for entertainment social media is an addiction. People spend hours and hours just watching social media or creating content to get likes and reactions. A lot of individuals identify themselves through their success on social media. This means, the more they post, the more likes they get the happier they feel. The risk of addiction is very high.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok have a distracting power. This can be a danger for individuals because it keeps people away from their obligations, and their own growth.

Risks of scams and fake news

With social media, the risk of scams and fake news is increasing. There are all kinds of scams and fake news where people get trapped each day. Fake identities, scam deals, etc. becoming more and more common.

Less real-life interactions

Because of social media, people have fewer real-life interactions because they spend a lot of time on channels like Facebook and Instagram to talk to their friends and purchase products online.