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Taking a look at the challenges for Cannabis businesses

Taking a look at the challenges for Cannabis businesses

Starting a business, in general, is challenging. There are so many things you have to think of. 

Preparation, planning, and management are the first steps. If you have good marketing you will soon make sales, you have to have proper quality management, your reputation should grow, and your administration should be clear. 

These might be just some aspects you have to prepare for when you start a business. There are so many things you will figure out while running a business. You might make mistakes, you will grow with them and become experienced day by day. 

Of course, it matters in what branch you start your business. Some branches have immense competition and in others, you are more unique and don´t have to compete do others.

We found a business that has to challenge totally different aspects: Cannabis businesses!

No, we don´t talk about the drug dealers who do their illegal businesses in the backyard. What we mean are shops that sell Cannabis on a legal basis.

In some countries and many states of the US Cannabis is legalized when it is used as a medicine. More and more people with Epilepsy or MS see Cannabis as the only successful option for treatment. It is also used to help people with sleeping problems and anxieties. 

The discussion about Marihuana as medicine is very controversial because Marihuana is widely known as a drug and stands for many prejudices all over the world. Still, many people judge the consumption of it, even it is for medical reasons. They say that the illness is an excuse to consume the drug freely without being judged using drugs. 

It might take a long time until society changes its perception and opinion about Marihuana. Many prejudices and images are connected to Cannabis for a long time. It will be a process where people have to actively explain and justify Cannabis as a medicine, so society can understand the benefits and disadvantages. 

The Cannabis businesses have to face themselves with this every day. Many people are hating the shops and see them as perpetrators and drug dealers who make young people addicted. 

The dispensaries are still connected with the label of drugs, getting out of this and showing their “real identity” is an everyday fight for the shop-owners.

They have to face the hate of people, have to explain their own existence, and show their intentions. 

“You are just a drug dealer working in a fancy shop now, you are responsible for the youth, you make a big money with the health of others…”

These are just some of the threats Cannabis Owners have to face.

Another aspect that they have to deal with is the law. They constantly have to make sure that all they do is legal and conform to the terms of the state and hospitals. Sometimes this is difficult because the laws are news and sometimes vague. So, they have to be sure what they can do and what is forbidden.

Many Cannabis businesses have problems with marijuana delivery credit card processing because most payment options like Credit Card or Visa card payments are not available.Mostly they can only accept cash payments but no other options because payment companies don´t want to be connected with Cannabis shops as this might damage their reputation.