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The 7 Best Things to do in Santorini

Santorini, Greece

Maybe you have seen the pictures of the white tiny buildings and blue roofs next to cliffs at the clear blue sea. In Santorini, you will find this scenery. The Greece Island is famous for its amazing impressive nature with volcanic ground, small ancient villages and various islands around Santorini. Santorini has prehistoric ruins, Greece architecture, amazing beaches and beautiful views. We tried to find different things which are absolutely worth to visit when you have the chance to travel to this Island.
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Akrotiri is a place which is filled with the memory of the past. It is also known as the “Greek Pompeii”. It is an archaeological site which will take you on a time travel back to 1450 BC. You can walk on small paths between the houses which tells stories about the life of the people on the island from long ago.

Ammoudi Bay

If you want to get away a little, Ammoudi Bay is perfect for you. It is a small fishing village next to the sea. You will have a beautiful beach with blue clear water and some adventurous rocks. In the charming village, you can find traditional seafood which is freshly prepared and served in authentic restaurants close to the sea.


Pyrgos is a village in the inland of the island which is quiet calm and not crowded with tourists. It shows you the local life. You have the chance to learn about the culture and tradition of the people. Furthermore, you have stunning views from the village. Pyrgos is not a very touristic sight which makes it even more unique.

Red Beach

The name talks itself! The Red beach is famous for the impressive color of the sand. The red sand and the dramatic amber cliffs are an eye catcher with the contrast colors of the blue sea. The whole natural composition is stunning and breathtaking.

Caldera Towns

Caldera towns describes the whitewashed towns on the cliff tops. Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani and Fira; all have this impressive style. It´s probably the feature which made Santorini so famous. Walking through these towns you will feel like being in another world. All the perfect white buildings and the blue roofs will astonish you while you explore all the different paths and views.

Nea Kameni und Palea Kameni

These are two volcanic islands right next to Santorini. You can easily go there on a sail ride, enjoy the sea and the view. On the islands itself, you have the chance to go on the Krater of the volcanos, get some amazing views over the islands and try the thermal mud which is famous for being healthy for the body.

Santo Wines

On the island, there are various wineries producing some of Greece´s top wines. The wine tradition is one of the oldest in the whole world. You can learn a lot about the production and quality of wine in one of the boutique wineries. A very famous one is the Sigalas winery. Give it a try!