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Ways you can get started as a musician

Ways you can get started as a musician

We see big bands or musicians on YouTube, concerts, or festivals. We follow them on their social media channels or hear about them in the news all the time. 

Seeing the popular musicians, it seems so easy to make money with music. They have so many concert tours, contracts, and possibilities to make money.

But how did they get there? They didn’t get popular from one to another day. It is a long way and process to go. 

Are you at the beginning of your way to become a musician? 

People all around the world play instruments, have an amazing singing voice, or being talented DJ. For some, it is just a hobby enjoying their time with the music. They share their music to inspire and entertain others and themselves. 

But some want to be professional as a musician. They want to make money with their music and become financially independent and maybe famous. They have a story to share with the world through their music. 

Music is a very important part of society. It is a huge business and the competition is strong. 

Here are some aspects you should check out on your journey of a musical career.

Prepare yourself

Be ready for the big demand. Now when everything is calm, you can prepare yourself. Produce a variety of songs, so when someone is asking, you are ready to give the concert. Have a playlist for different types of events so you can present something if an opportunity comes up. Sometimes the big opportunities come unexpectedly. Being unprepared will result in missing good opportunities.

Be different

There is so much music in the world. If you sing the same songs that already exist you will not get through. You should develop a specialty. People will be excited about hearing something extraordinary and different. They will not care about you if you make a cheap cover of Rihanna. 

Be different and there will be people who are interested in what you have to show.

Have connection

Connect to other musicians, talk to people at events, meet managers and build a network. Most importantly you should look for a professional producer with experience. Check out Benjy Grinberg who is an expert in music. He can help you on your journey to becoming a great musician.

Play on small events

Play on small events, from birthdays, weddings, or small clubs. Take the opportunity. It is a way to gain experience and learn from every concert you give. It also is a way to connect with others and get into the business.

Be active on social media channels

Showing your face and your talent on social media is a great way to gain a little popularity. If people see that you are active on social media they will follow you and recommend you to others. The online presence is very important on the musical journey. 

YouTube, Spotify

Some of the most used music apps are YouTube and Spotify. Being active and showing your music there, is needed when you want to be a professional musician. Through these channels you will reach many people and producers or event managers might discover your music. It is also a way to gain a reputation in the musical field.