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What a real-life purge would cause in our legal world

What a real-life purge would cause in our legal world

We live with countless rules. The world, countries, groups, and individuals have rules and regulations that help us to live an organized and safe life. The constitution describes the fundamental laws of a nation. Furthermore, there are written laws for all kinds of areas, so there will be justice for any type of crime.

The Covid-pandemic opened a new chapter of rules. People have to wear masks, have to keep their distance, and they are only allowed to meet very few people. All over the world countries deal with the challenge of infectious disease differently. But one thing that everybody had to learn is that there are many laws and rules that even impact our daily personal life. 

Some researchers describe the phenomenon that people get tired of those very impairing regulations. 

How long will people follow these rules? Could a break help? How does it impact our legal structure?

There are many aspects the world worries about and discusses. Various scenarios are shown through media & TV and people are wondering if this is how the world will look like.

The purge

The purge is a franchise that became very popular taking a look at our society with a special event. There is one day in a year where no rules exist for 12h. In this period people can kill, torture, and do whatever they like to without any legal consequences. Everything is legal in that 12 h. In the movie, the government claims that because of the purge, people are less criminal and aggressive the rest of the year and the unemployment is low. 

Even we are talking about a science fiction movie, people consider this idea as a way how the world can be changed. On the internet, people discuss and create new theories based on the movie and try to imagine how the world would be.

The legal conception

As mentioned previously, we live with rules and laws all the time. Law is a system of rules that are created and enforced through the government or other official institutions. Laws create two opposites with legal and illegal. If you follow the law, nothing will happen to you, but if you commit a crime, you did an illegal act. You will have to justify yourself in front of the court. Even you did an unlawful thing, you have certain rights. You have the right to speak for yourself, you have the right to a criminal attorney that helps you through the process. 

A law is created to give every society a structure to regulate behavior and bring justice to every action.

What are the consequences?

Looking at the two aspects of having a very strict law for any case and not having and law shows us that society needs a kind of structure to make a common living without hurting other´s boundaries. The law we have, cannot judge every case that happens in the world, but it gives stability for the politic, economy, and society. 

If we would live in a forever purge, there would be no safety for any human. In the government, we would experience total despotism, everybody can take any kind of action without proving it. Many individuals would be acting arbitrarily, a peaceful life with justice would not be possible and everything would be a mess without any moral boundaries. 

Having a law that gives us a basic structure allows us to live together peacefully and safely with basic rights for everyone.