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Why natural products can be an alternative for you!

Why natural products can be an alternative for you!

Beauty! It is a term that has its importance in every country. Every culture has a different definition of beauty that changes over time. Chinese and Japanese people define beauty with very white skin for example. In some western countries, people see tanned skin as beautiful. Every nation has its own characteristics. 

Today the world is very connected and the very different definitions of beauty become more similar. One thing that we all have in common is that people use make-up. In some countries only girls and women wear make-up. In other countries, it is also very common for boys and men to wear it.

All over the world, the industry of cosmetics is huge. The most common products are made out of chemicals. Next to it, we can find natural products everywhere. From the very beginning, nature gave us ingredients that we can make cosmetics, shampoo, and lotions. The knowledge about it is centuries old and forwarded until today.

Why use natural products?

Various experts promote natural products as the better ones. Influencers like Amanda, Organic Bunny stand for green products and try to convince others to use natural products as well. 

Natural products have many benefits. As they are natural they don’t harm your body. They actually help your skin and hair to be healthy. 

They don’t contain any chemicals or plastic particles that can irritate your skin and gives you health problems in a long term. 

Natural beauty products are more skin and hair-friendly. With only “green” ingredients they help you to keep your skin beautiful and your hair in its best condition.

Another reason why you should use natural products is the footprint they leave in the environment. Natural products and wrapping do not need as much energy to be produced as commercial beauty products.

What´s wrong with “normal” cosmetics?

Of course, many people don´t have any trouble with commercial beauty products. They are majorly used all over the world. 

And still, you should know, that most of the common products contain unhealthy and toxic components. They are mostly chemicals that the body cannot diminish properly. One of these is for example aluminum in deodorants. Most deodorants contain that, we use them and accumulate the metal in our body. 

Many shampoos contain microparticles of plastic. 

The wrapping of commercial products is mostly plastic and its production harms nature a lot. Furthermore, they cause a lot of waste that we could prevent.

Best alternative!

Using natural products instead of chemical/synthetic beauty products can be a very good decision for you. You can help to keep nature clean & healthy and most importantly:

You are helping your own body to be healthy. You can use cosmetics without putting a ton of chemicals on your skin. You can prevent many health problems (irritations, allergic reactions, and more serious sicknesses). Using natural products, you can stay away from toxic and harmful cosmetics and enjoy a variety of natural beauty products. When you have very sensitive skin or hair texture, green products are the best way to take care of yourself and your beauty!